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HPL High Pressure Laminate

  • Resin Wall Panel
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    Resin Wall Panel

    Remica resin wall panel Decorative high pressure laminate is a high pressure surfacing material. The laminate consists of a melamine impregnated decorative surface that is backed with multiple layers of kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resins. These layers are...Read More
  • Postform Kitchen Tops
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    Postform Kitchen Tops

    postform kitchen tops Remica ;phenolic ;compact ;laminate ;is ;a ;kind ;of ;extremely ;durable ;structure-decorative ;and ;environmentally ;friendly ;board. ;It ;is ;made ;from ;100% ;melamine-impregnated ;resin ;decorative ;paper ;and ;layers ;of ;black ;or ;brown ;phenolic...Read More
  • Laminate Interior Doors
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    Laminate Interior Doors

    laminate interior doors Specification Excellent performance of Our Remica interior laminates 1)Resistant to water , moisture and mold 2)Resistant to strong acid, base and chemical corrosion. 3) Resistant to abrasion, scratches, and impact 4) Anti-biosis and easy to...Read More
  • indoor wall cladding
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    indoor wall cladding

    Remica woven high pressure decorative laminates Feature 1) Finishied via impregnating the decorative paper and kraft paper in melamine,drying and high temperature and presure. 2) Outstanding resistance to abrasion,high tempreature,dirty,shocking,cigarette ignition and open...Read More
  • Kitchen Laminate Sheets
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    Kitchen Laminate Sheets

    kitchen laminate sheets Remica is leading manufacturer for High Pressure Laminate. Remica provide our customers with integrated solutions for interior design. We offer a complete series of surface deco products, including Plain HPL, Post-forming HPL, Metallic HPL, Door Skin...Read More
  • Laminate Bathroom Panels
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    Laminate Bathroom Panels

    HPL laminate bathroom panels Remica laminate sheets thickness can be from 0.5mm to 30mm according to request. Such laminates, with whose different decorative papers on the surface, can meet different color, single side, double side decorative need. So, as a decorative...Read More
  • Countertop Materials Formica Laminate Sheets
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    Countertop Materials Formica Laminate Sheets

    countertop materials formica laminate sheets High Pressure Laminate is considered to be one of the most durable decorative surface materials and available with special performance properties including chemical, fire and wear resistance. It is produced by saturatubg multiple...Read More
  • toilet cubicle partition
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    toilet cubicle partition

    HPL phenolic toilet cubicles partition High Pressure Decorative Laminates in Remica brand consist of layers of selected decor paper and craft paper ,impregnated with thermosetting resins, fused together under heat and very light pressure to have products with characteristics...Read More
  • high pressure decorative laminates
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    high pressure decorative laminates

    high pressure decorative laminates interior doors HPL(High Pressur Laminates) is a kind of high-tech green environmental decorative material.It has excellent properties such as impact resistance, UV resistance, weathering resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance,...Read More
  • Countertops Laminate
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    Countertops Laminate

    Decorative high pressure laminate-countertops laminate Remica HPL Laminate Sheets Introduction : 1.Import color paper and 100% phenolic resin of brikley High pressure laminate sheet will always service you high quality products. 2.Finishied via impregnating the decorative...Read More
  • kitchen laminate sheets
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    kitchen laminate sheets

    Interior cladding panels & kitchen laminate sheet Remica HPL series includes post-forming HPL, standard HPL, compact board, corrosion--proof physics and chemistry board.With more than 30 kinds of finish and nearly 1000 kinds of grains colors. It is widely used in indoor...Read More
  • Toilet Partition sheets of laminate
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    Toilet Partition sheets of laminate

    high pressure laminate for toilet partition HPL high pressure laminate sheet best sell compact laminate is widely used in Public toilet cubicle partition, bathroom, shower room , kitchin Laboratory furniture and so on. 1)Amazing colors and rich in colors. High glossy and...Read More
REMICA is one of the leading hpl high pressure laminate manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory provides bulk hpl high pressure laminate in stock as well as customized service and free sample. Welcome to wholesale quality hpl high pressure laminate at cheap price here.
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