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Science | Building Decoration Materials Knowledge
- Jul 23, 2018 -

Science | Building Decoration Materials Knowledge

There are many kinds of building decoration materials, including metal materials, non-metal materials and composite materials, which are difficult to master. Therefore, it is explained here according to the decorative materials used in different decorative parts, which is more acceptable, that is, according to outdoor decorative materials and interior walls. The types of surface decoration materials, interior floor decoration materials and interior ceiling decoration materials, mechanical and physical properties, decorative effects and environmental protection are explained.

For example, exterior wall decoration materials include stone, ceramic tiles, decorative glass and paints. Because they are often attacked by the sun, rain and frost, and corrosive gases and microorganisms, the exterior wall decoration materials are used. It is also important to consider its durability. The interior wall decoration materials (paints, ceramic tiles, wood decorative panels and wallpaper wall coverings) not only require protection and beautification functions, but also require it to undertake the thermal function of the wall, adjust the relative humidity of the indoor air, and purify The indoor air and the auxiliary wall function as sound insulation and noise reduction; the environmental protection of the decorative materials is also the key point.

The purchase of decorative materials is very important in the actual decoration project, and the different decorative materials are not the same. For example, when natural stone and ceramic tiles are purchased, considering their aesthetics, the intrinsic quality should also be considered. The density can be discerned by gently tapping the sound.